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My Story

My health journey began on Labor Day, Sept 5, 2022. The years of 2021 through 2022 were stressful and traumatic, and as an emotional eater, I escaped my difficulties through the comfort of food and alcohol. My attempts to ease the stress caused me to spiral downward into unhealthy habits, and I gained over 20 lbs.


I felt physically awful, with the fatigue consistently weighing me down. This was coupled with zero motivation, irritability, and depression. I still worked out to feel some sense of accomplishment, but after my workouts, exhaustion would hit me harder than ever. I knew I needed to drastically change my habits if I wanted to heal myself physically and mentally.

I had given up on trying to figure out my health journey on my own. I reached out to a close friend who referred me to my current coach, Nicole, who told me all about the Optavia nutrition program. As a lover of running and an avid cross-fitter, I’ve always been active. However, my nutrition was never consistent. I had no doubt that I wanted to begin my health journey, but I didn’t want to stop working out. 

I did the 4/2 plan and in the first week, I started to feel more energetic than I had in years. The hunger cravings slowly disappeared and in one month I lost 10 pounds with 2 inches off my waist.

This was incredible for me. Throughout my own health journey, I knew right away that I wanted to become a coach and empower others to reach their highest potential. Motivating and inspiring others to stay active and healthy became one of my greatest passions.

More About Me

Although I am originally from Lima, Peru, I moved to Texas when I was 10 years old and I've been here ever since. So, I'd consider myself a Texan;)

I am a single mother of two beautiful girls and a grandmother to a wonderful, energetic toddler. She is such a joy to all of us!

God and my family are the center of my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without my faith and without my support system. Family is everything to me.

I've been involved in CrossFit for 10 years now! CrossFit workouts are never the same, and they are inclusive to everyone no matter your athletic ability. That's why I love this community so much.

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Before CrossFit, I played volleyball in high school and I even coached teams, including my daughter's rec team, as well as my company's team in our annual Richardson Corporate Challenge. I also love to run. It's so freeing and therapeutic to run with God's company right next to me.

Apart from God, family, and empowering others, I love to dance. I grew up dancing salsa, merengue, and now I've found a love for reggaeton


My experience as a coach has truly been life-changing. I’ve been able to help my family, friends, and co-workers throughout their health journey, and the results have been incredibly rewarding. It's the biggest blessing to watch my clients reach their goals, pursue happiness, and become the healthiest version of themselves. It's never too late to start!

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