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See What Clients Have to Say

My program nurtures lifelong transformation, cultivating healthy habits step by step. It's not just about reaching your goal; it's about forging a resilient mindset and honing the skills to cultivate long-lasting health. Commit to high-level coaching, embrace a tailored nutrition plan, believe in your capabilities, and you're going to win!

"I feel great and have all the energy to chase the grandkids. I had to shop for new clothes and I’m enjoying life so much more now. This is so easy to do!"

- Stacy Sanchez

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“I almost went to a size 3X and now I'm a size large. I will keep up with my exercising. Thank you, Doris!"

- Enrique Jr. Gomez

“I am loving trying on new clothes now, since I’m down 2 sizes! I finally feel more confident in my own skin. I now have the energy to walk more, 45 mins every day. I’ve also returned to the gym! This program has changed my mindset with how I eat throughout the day."

- Claudia Gonzalez

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“I lost 45 lbs in 14 weeks doing the 5&1 program. Overall, my body is feeling better. I don’t struggle bending over to tie my shoes. My feet/ankles don’t swell from retaining water. I'm more energetic and less lethargic.”

- Jason LeBreux

Mom front.jpg

"Every day I felt super tired after work and every time I ate, I would feel

bloated afterwards. I knew I needed to work on my nutrition. After seeing my daughter do the program and how

great she was doing, I decided to give

it a shot. I am so thankful I gave myself this opportunity to improve my health."



- Doris Reynaga

Korey front.JPG

“I started this program not to lose a

lot of weight, but mainly to lower my

A1C level. I am Type 1 diabetic. In 30 days, my results were amazing. My

A1C went from 9.5 to 8.0, I was taking less insulin, which helped my liver,

and I saved money. I lost about 10 lbs. and I started to workout more

frequently. I even picked up running again.”

- Korey Wilkerson

Patricia H front.jpg

“Not only do I feel lighter and more confident in my own skin, but my overall well-being has skyrocketed.  My sleep quality has improved dramatically, and now I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and energized. This transformation has given me the freedom to truly savor and appreciate life!"


- Patricia Hernandez

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